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Our goal

We help you to meet and match with the right developer and kick-off your solution.

Work together

Let's start with us!



Finding the Right Developer

Human skills are key to your project. Bluefeet has built partnerships with institutions and coding schools. We have access to a large pool of candidates in all technical areas, and can help find and test applicants. We also have insight in employment costs, subsidies and can help you respect your budget.


Mentoring and Development

We help set up an employment track to guarantee the full autonomy of the mentee. Our mentors are experienced in coding and can overcome most of the obstacles a mentee will encounter.



Don’t lose track! Bluefeet has experience in project management and will help set your milestones. You don’t need to be a code evangelist, that’s our business! Just show us the path.



Keep the focus on your product, and you will achieve success. And if needed, our resident developers can back you up as you scale-up!




Bluefeet helps institutions, companies and start-ups to grow their coding teams by putting together needs and talents. We screen and find the right profile for our clients. Then when accepted, our mentors will follow and train the mentee and kick-off the solution for the client. The mentee can then be hired by the client, so that the client can be autonomous and rely on its own staff. This is Bluefeet philosophy.

Our philosophy


We care about human development as a constant process. We believe that with the right mindset and the right follow-up, our mentees can acquire all the skills required for your solution.


Code is now part of your core business, you cannot rely on outsourcing on the long run. You will be obligated to work with agencies and freelancers, which will capture a significant part of your profit.